Oct 1, 2021Liked by Lee Williams

At this point is there any reason why most of us shouldnt look at any and every "news" story with disbelief? There is no real unbiased news anymore. Now we have to read or watch everything realizing their is a sway either in what is being reported (or not) and how it is being reported, who is or isnt interviewed etc. Right now this guy sounds like 3 year old that you said he cant play video games. When people like this act like this I sit back and watch because to any rational person you can see they are too emotional and not logical, and that should stand out to most people and say "Thank God this guy didnt make it!" But then again I am probably asking too much of people to be logical. Emotional reaction is the new way of life for most of the younger generations. They have been so wronged by society while they live with Mommy and Daddy and dont grow up and take responsibility. This is what happens when parents coddle their children and dont make them act like adults. Boo hoo Chipman! Grow a pair!

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