This is probably low hanging fruit to propitiate those in his base that are for some sort of gun control measures.

The cynicism is, of course, palpable. The object of these laws is old white guys, not the real perps.

If you want a good FOIA request, Lee, look into getting figures on how many people were prosecuted in Chi for gun running or selling firearms illegally. Those are the rogue "dealers", I'll bet they don't even have an FFL.

And where are we on constitutional Carry/2A sanctuary in Fla?

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Jun 24, 2021Liked by Lee Williams

It’s like watching a bad parody tv show about this administration, but then you realize it’s reality and all I want to do is turn it off, but can’t😭

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Jun 24, 2021Liked by Lee Williams

Can we start with prosecuting Hunter Biden who willfully lied on ATF form 4473, "are you an illegal user of or addicted to any controlled substance"

Seems petty but hey rules are rules right!

There's a reason THEY are not prosecuting gun crimes and other criminal behavior more crime, more mayhem, more control.

BTW Joe at one time you could buy a cannon, well you probably still can own a cannon, an old fashioned muzzle loading one.

And THEY told use Trump had loose screws, Joe's screw drawer has been dumped on the floor.

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