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I know Blaine. He's one of the most gifted Gun Makers I ever met.

He was a solid Combat Vet Paratrooper who passed SFAS.

Personal reasons prevented his getting through the Q but he was invited back.

Those are good things, but he did make claims that were untrue, sad to say.

I suspect he got caught up in it all, no ill intent, but dead wrong, in any case.

He has apologized and that counts for something.

I'm thankful to the Guardians for setting the record straight,

and I appreciate this forum for supporting 1A & 2A.

I hope he honors his promise not to do it again.

This should not detract from his ability to provide

some amazing guns and ammo to SOF & America.

Let us continue to hold people to the truth and

Focus on supporting our War Fighters & Freedom Lovers.

De Oppresso Liber

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Shame shame shame.

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Lee, as usual, great article! Thanks for outing the SOB! We have the same ones in the Vietnam veteran ranks too. Wannabes long on mouth, short on guts!!!

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@lee williams Can you write an article on banks who are anti 2nd amendment? I need to open a corporate bank account but I do not want to support a bank that has been giving gun owners and/or manufacturers a hard time.

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BTW I was an armorer, or Infantry Weapons Repairman, basically a parts changer. If Campbell didn't go to any armorers school then he's also off base about being a weapons sgt.

One thing I have learned knowing guys that had "been there done that," and I'm not one of them, is that they didn't have to brag about it, nor would they.

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Shame is right.

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I worked in the gun industry in the early/mid 90's and even then, it was rife with guys who spun tall tales about either fantastic military or LEO careers. Sad to see it hasn't changed. I am amazed to see people that supposedly were/are in the sphere this guy claims to have existed in come up to defend him.

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Amateurs always advertise. Shameful to the entire community

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