This isn’t ignorance.

It’s NBC toeing the line for radical politicians attempting to erase the Second Amendment.

NBC and other sycophant media organizations have forgotten that the First Amendment right was to protect them from the government, not from The People. The Press was meant to be the watchful eyes and ears of The People, not the government’s bullhorn.

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Maybe NBC should stick to exploding GMC pick-up trucks.

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The legacy media isn't ignorant. It's sinister. I can't remember a single story where the facts have been presented free of any deceptive twists in ages. Guns aren't dividing this country, they are dividing this country. The legacy media is by far the most effective of all of America's enemies. It divides us into "opposing" groups and pits us against one another. This is diabolical but it is certainly not ignorant.

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Ignorance is no excuse for stupidity. Disarming the people. Isn't that what Socialist countries do to make slaves of their people???

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The left must disarm those who love freedom because there is only 1 thing that can stop their tyranny and that is a freedom loving gun owner.

Using crime as a reason to push gun control is idiotic. It isn't the law abiding who are committing the crimes so why punish them? You want to control crime? Control criminals, and by that I mean assign punishments to criminal acts and then carry those punishments out quickly upon conviction. Currently a person on death row is 3 times more likely to die of natural causes than be executed. And even given the around 3,000 people on death row, nearly all for murder, we have upwards of 10,000 murders a year. How about we sentence all of the 10,000 or at least the ones who are caught to die? And then carry it out expeditiously.

Those who oppose Capital Punishment often say the decades the condemned spend on death row awaiting appeals is "cruel and unusual punishment". This after they have done their level best to make the appeals process drag out for decades. How about 1 appeal, no appealing every year for a different reason. Shoot your shot and if you fail, you go straight to the execution chamber.

And they also like to say that the drug cocktail used for Capital Punishment are cruel and unusual. While the same people support "assisted suicide" for any reason using the exact same cocktail they claim is cruel and unusual. Mindboggling.

I live 400 yards from 300 inmates who will never see the outside of prison again. We don't have a death penalty any more, seems the government cancelled it because they so often screwed up the cases which resulted in death penalty sentences. To me that says we need to replace the government, not end the death penalty. Would my life change for the worse if they were all put to death overnight? Not at all. Would it get better? Well, seeing how we spend as much a year on housing those who have already proven they cannot be trusted to walk among us as we do to send a young adult to college each year, yes it could very well get better.

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