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But Lee it is so much easier to sit back and troll comments on AmmoLand.

As for education I have been reading about gun control ever since I bought my first Guns and Ammo when I was about 15 or 16, that would be about 1970. I did a research paper on gun control but unfortunately I threw it out by mistake. In the internet world I use to read the Gun Rights Examiner, now I follow War on Guns, Ammoland, Lee Williams, etc.

Educating others can be problematic sometimes as you and I have two Senators (R) that are 2A "butters" and my Congressman is a B+, maybe an A-. Gun owners can be our own enemy as in some hunters do not believe we need handguns (I knew one of them, loved to deer hunt back in PA) or an AR , M1, M1A, and they do not realize that todays deer and elk guns are going to be branded "sniper rifles" tomorrow. The shotgun guys who can afford several grand for a nice Berreta, or Perazzi do not seem to care about the handgunners or the hunters.

Active GOA member and NRA Life Member, donate to GOA off and on more on than off, more often then most imo, the NRA not so much anymore.

I haven't migrated to Twitter yet or some other internet sites but do share most of the pro-2A articles I read to Facebook.

Well I guess I fall into the advocacy category, I do contact my elected officials, I vote, I donate , and I am here.

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I did by sharing Nehemiah 4:23 with my family and friends. I showed them the right to keep and bear arms is in the Holy Bible.

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