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That about sums it up. Pretty disturbing that a Republican supermajority can’t pass a full constitutional carry bill in 2023.

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JawGA has Constitutional Carry Along with Open Carry. GA also retained Weapons Permits for citizens who want them for ID when travelling especially Out of State.

As a former FL Resident-Citizen I'm familiar with how Anti-Citizens being Armed the majority of County Sheriffs are, especially the Urban Sheriffs, and many Repub Sheriffs too.

This FL Bill is "Compromised" from the get go, so it will be diluted/compromised even further. In GA before Constitutional Carry, a Citizen with a Weapons License could Carry Concealed or Open and LE could Not ask to see the License unless the citizen was suspected of having committed an immediate crime in the area.

LE is very polite to Citizens in my NW GA County, and We reciprocate. Very different in Pinellas County, FL as only one example of a "Repub" Sheriff in an Urban Area with abusive deputies.

WHY Not just go for Constitutional Carry??? 25? States Already Have It.

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"What cannot be debated is that HB 543 is the single largest expansion of gun rights in Florida since 1987,"

Not sure I'd call this an 'expansion of gun rights'.

It's more like a meager attempt at partial recognition of an existing right that is being infringed.

TPTB believe this will shut us up for a while, but they're wrong.

It's also more proof that most of the GOP elected to T-Town are RINOs.

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As Floridian I am deeply disappointed this bill lacks open carry. Florida is hot as Fk 70% of the year and a leg holster would be a godsend. Desantis is my boy but he needs to demand more. No more false advertising of this bill!!!!

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Now you admit it isn't constitutional carry? Because you were carrying the establishment's water and proclaiming that they introduced constitutional carry and making them look like they did something good.


Which is it? Is this a constitutional carry bill or not? Because some people knew from the start that the establishment would not deliver. Why are you still covering for the establishment?

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