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Once I thought about taking training from Rob Pincus. No longer. If he really believes these things, I don't think he is qualified to be a firearms trainer.

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center mass - any other theories are nonsense

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The idea of using a lethal weapon for less than lethal purposes is asinine.

That is a total misuse of the tool and any moron trying to say otherwise should turn himself in for voluntary termination of his rights.

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Pincus is a useful idiot and a "reasonable gun law" establishment suck-up. He's a maggot, a scumbag and should be scorned and shunned by all true supporters of the Second Amendment.

We call Republicans of Pincus's ilk RINOs.

He reminds me of the MAJORITY of those 15 million turds who own hunting licenses but NOT a National Rifle Association membership card.

Oh... I forgot to mention he's also a supporter of expanded background checks:


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Rob Pincus? Never heard of her!

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