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We the people (at least most of the people) are in a world of hurt, as ASSHOLE

subversives are undermining/destroying everything that made this the greatest

country ever. GOOGLE "Walmart CRT Training Encourages Employees to Accept

That " White is not Right'" for more Walmart crap. I'll be doing my shopping

elsewhere. Sam Walton must be turning over in his grave !!!!!! Most industrialized

countries do not allow the captains of greed (who gained control of a business by

hook or crook) to endow themselves with obnoxious salaries and ludicrous golden

parachutes. I have no problem with the founders of a business who EARNED their

fortunes (e.g.: Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, etc.).

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Oct 28, 2021Liked by Lee Williams

The only thing I ever find in Walmart are shotgun shells and usually very scarce at that. They dug their own grave. Now they are just a dispenser of small quantity garbage made in the 3rd world.

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Why would you buy firearms from Walmart? They hate you.

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