The Gun Writer is back!

What a long, strange trip it's been.

Welcome to my new website!

It’s great to be back.

First, some apologies are in order for disappearing off the radar.

I am truly sorry, but I had little choice.

As many of you know, I worked as an editor for a daily newspaper in Florida owned by a chain called Gatehouse.

Gatehouse recently purchased another newspaper chain, Gannett, and the two companies merged. The new company that emerged is called Gannett.

While many of the senior Gatehouse managers enjoyed the original TGW, those from Gannett certainly did not. They’re an uppity, humorless bunch.

Some Gatehouse editors, myself included, began to feel like cowboys in their over regulated corporate world.

Even though Gannett publishes all kinds of sports and niche products -- they even have a magazine devoted to cage fighting -- once they found my little website devoted solely to guns they went a little dinky dau.

Two of my former editors were told to "investigate" my social media, to make sure it was in compliance with Gannett's strict social media policies. The editor who had to go through my facebook page is probably still laughing.

I was ordered to stop all postings immediately.

I had no choice but to comply. After all, I depended on my newspaper job to feed my family.

Well, five months went by and things changed.

This week, I parted ways with Gannett.

There's no room in their corporate world for cowboys, especially those who own guns, drink whisky, swear and don't subscribe to their type of far left politics, and believe me, they're far pretty damn far to the left ...

It's scary not having the paycheck coming in every two weeks, but it's definitely liberating not having to constantly grit my teeth and watch what I say, do, wear, publish, etc.

Now, I’ll be operating without having to look over my shoulder for corporate apparatchiks. Me thinks things could get a little wild.

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