PolitiFact ignores facts on gun control, genocide, journalism

The left-wing journalism think tank proves once again it is biased against guns, critical thinking, human nature, common sense ...

I should probably begin by disclosing that I’ve had my own personal run-ins with the pointy-head liberal elitists at the Poynter Institute, and the groups that work at Poynter, like PolitiFact.

They’re mostly kids working there — at both Poynter and PolitiFact — and they all hope that their stories will lead to a fulltime journalism job, which are getting hard to come by.

I usually try to ignore their rants even when they touch on guns, because they’re always biased and somewhat sophomoric — about what you’d expect to see from children who have zero life experience and no clue about guns or the gun culture.

That said, a reader recently sent me a PolitiFact “fact check,” which falsely claimed there was “No direct link between ‘gun control’ and killings by authoritarian regimes.”

This was the Instagram post that PolitiFact decided was false:

“56 million defenseless people ‘rounded up and exterminated’ in the 20th Century because of gun control.”

I’m not kidding. The PolitiFact author even noted genocide in the Soviet Union, Cambodia and Nazi Germany.

This is how PolitiFact justified their “False” rating:

“We found that while the governments cited in these societies did confiscate guns from certain people, there’s no evidence to conclude that those confiscations were directly responsible for the millions of deaths that happened afterward, as the post claims.

The central claim driving this post — that gun control enabled genocide — is a popular talking point for the National Rifle Association and other opponents of gun control.

But the theory has been disputed by historians and researchers as hypothetical, and as exaggerating the role personal gun ownership by civilians could have played in counteracting the power of authoritarian governments and their militaries.”

The original post, the PolitiFact author states, “conflates gun control with confiscation. And it rests on the theory that gun confiscation policies by authoritarian governments left citizens defenseless and enabled genocide.”

“Researchers and historians say there’s no evidence to support the theory, and that it exaggerates the role armed civilians could have played in counteracting the power of authoritarian governments and their militaries,” the author wrote.

The Politifact story was written by Michael Majchrowicz, a freelance writer based in Miami Beach.

Mr. Majchrowicz decided that the original post was false. That’s how these PolitiFact ratings work. One person decides whether something is true or false.

Well, Mr. Majchrowicz, let me clue you in on a bit of human nature: If you think millions of people wouldn’t have resisted their mass murderers if they were armed, you are woefully ignorant and decidedly full of shit.

I suggest you research the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising to see what a few heroes can do with makeshift weapons. Now, if these millions of victims had access to real weapons, not just makeshift ones, history, sir, would have radically changed.

After all, why do you think these authoritarian regimes disarmed the people before murdering them?

The answer is pretty simple.

They were disarmed so they could not resist — so they could be murdered easier.

That, Mr. Majchrowicz, is not conflation. It is fact.

With stories like this on your resume, I would strongly suggest you give up on journalism and pursue a career in either the hospitality or the fast-food industry.

Best of luck in your future endeavors,


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