More than half of the country is now a Second Amendment sanctuary

The growing national trend of preserving the Second Amendment through local and state legislation has been largely ignored by the legacy media.

More than 55% of all U.S. counties are now Second Amendment sanctuaries, and the numbers continue to grow at a rapid pace.

A total of 1,753 of the country’s 3,144 counties — or 55.76% — have either declared themselves Second Amendment sanctuaries or are located in sanctuary states, according to Noah Davis of and its companion site

Governors in Tennessee, Arkansas and most recently Missouri — the 14th Second Amendment sanctuary state — put the totals above 50%.

True grassroots effort

The Second Amendment Sanctuary movement began in Davis’ home state of Virginia after the Democrats took control of state government and began passing strong anti-rights laws.

Once 95% of Virginia became Second Amendment Sanctuaries, other states took notice and starting crafting their own legislation.

With no national leaders or funding, it’s a true grassroots movement, centered at the local level.

More city councils and country commissions are declaring themselves Sanctuaries every single day. It should be pointed out that Davis’ data does not include sanctuary cities, which he does not track.

Most Second Amendment Sanctuary bills are simple. They declare that the municipal, county or state government simply won’t recognize or enforce any federal law that infringes upon the Second Amendment.

Many of these laws bar local officials from participating in any federal enforcement. Some add civil and criminal penalties.

2AS movement ignored

The Second Amendment sanctuary movement clearly infringes upon the legacy media’s anti-gun narrative. The media believe gun rights are only important to gun rights groups — namely NRA — and that gun owners are the minority. From the start, they have downplayed the significance of the movement by referring to 2AS legislation as “symbolic” or “reactionary.”

Now that more than half of the country is a Second Amendment sanctuary — and the numbers continue to grow — the movement will become more difficult to ignore.

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