It's time to stop the demonization of America's Rifle

Inaccurate terms like "assault weapon, machine gun, weapon of war, military style and mil-spec" are being used more frequently by anti-gunners to support their promise of AR confiscation.

A few years ago, a British newspaper reporter asked me about my “stance on assault weapons.”

I told her my feet were usually about shoulder-width apart, and I leaned forward at the waist.

She didn’t get it.

Nowadays, my response would not have been so cavalier.

Nowadays, we’re at war.

To be clear, the anti-gunners have ramped up their demonization of the country’s most popular rifle — the AR — in order to make them easier to confiscate.

They want to control the narrative, and the media is all too willing to oblige.

This, folks, we need to stop.

The gun prohibitionists feel emboldened because the Democrats control all the seats of power in Washington. They believe that now’s their chance, so they’re trying to label our rifles as evil — as if any inanimate object could ever be evil.

There’s an old Russian proverb that says if you call a man a pig often enough, eventually he’ll start to oink.

I agree with that, so if we don’t debunk their lies now, eventually their talking points could become publicly accepted facts.

It’s happened to us before.

Just look at some of their “loopholes” that don’t exist, like that mythical website where you can supposedly buy a gun and have it shipped to your home without a background check, or that the Second Amendment is all about hunting, or that criminals will follow the law.

The public actually believes some of these myths.

We, the gun community, need to counter their anti-gun maskirovka before it’s too late.

If we don’t, those of us who use an AR for self defense, target shooting, hunting, collecting or more will soon have to make a heady decision — to comply or to not comply.

Not an assault weapon

To be clear, the AR is not an assault weapon.

This is assault weapon, and a pretty good one:

By definition, a true assault weapon is select fire — meaning it can shoot semi-automatic and full-automatic at the flip of a switch.

The modern AR is semi-automatic only. There’s no giggle switch to make it full auto.

That’s the major difference.

Not a machine gun

To be clear, the AR is not a machine gun.

This is a machine gun, and it’s also a pretty good one:

Because the AR is not fully automatic, it cannot be classified as a machine gun.

Machine guns are heavily regulated by the federal government, and are legal to own in most free states, but they do require paperwork and ATF approval.

You’ll also need a lot of money.

There are only around 180,000 transferable machine guns that can be purchased by civilians. This has created a false economy and inflated their prices.

Because they’re so valuable, people tend to take good care of them.

You don’t need all of your fingers to count the number of machine guns that have ever been used in a crime.

Not a weapon of war

Anyone who says a semi-automatic AR is just like the M4 they carried in the military is incorrect.

Ask to see their DD-214. It could be telling.

I don’t know why some vets are saying this.

The last thing every veteran whom I consider a friend wants is to further restrict the AR platform, since most of us own a few.

Besides, most veterans tend to mind their own business. We’re not big on telling other folks how to live their lives.

In my humble opinion, the vets who are calling for more gun control probably don’t realize they’re being used by the gun prohibitionists.

I would really like to talk to them about the reasons for their actions.

We live in the greatest country on earth. They certainly have a right not to buy an AR, but they don’t have a right to stop me from purchasing one.

Not military style

What is military style, anyway?

It’s a relatively new term.

The anti-gun media only started using it after the gun community pushed back when they called our rifles “assault weapons.”

It’s a confusing term.

Are my cargo pants military style?

How about my backpack?

Are German Shephards or Belgian Malinois military-style dogs, or are they assault dogs?

I don’t get it.

The label makes zero sense.

Not mil-spec

To be clear, most civilian ARs are not mil-spec.

Many are a lot better.

My rifles are definitely better than mil-spec — light years beyond mil-spec.

Mil-spec means that a product has met specified standards, been accepted and is in use by the military. However, they’re usually made by the lowest bidder.

Many of today’s ARs exceed the standards specified by the DOD.


Words can have tremendous power, so when they’re used against us, we cannot give an inch.

When you hear these inaccurate terms being used by the media, don’t accept it.

Call them out!

It only takes a minute to email a letter to the editor, or to call a TV station’s news director and complain.

Nowadays, we have the power.

With diminished advertising revenue, the last thing the media wants is to go to war with their readers or viewers. They need money, not controversy.

It’s time for the gun community to switch on.

If we don’t, the next knock on the door you hear could be Beto and his fellow gun grabbers.

As always, thanks for your time.


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