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David Chipman, who worked as an ATF agent for 25 years, posing in the aftermath of the Waco siege where 76 Brand Davidian members and five ATF agents died.

Florida, USA – -( David Chipman – President Joe Biden’s nominee for director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives – is in trouble.

The entire gun community is rallying against his nomination, and for good reason.

Despite last-minute efforts to conceal his past – Chipman recently switched his Twitter account to private – there is a mountain of publicly available information about the man President Biden wants to oversee the ATF and its vast resources and regulatory authority. But he can not hide all of them and you can still read many of his tweets supporting gun control many here and here

Media interviews, congressional testimony, and stories he wrote himself paint a very clear picture about Chipman – a picture that should prove useful for lawmakers during his upcoming Senate confirmation hearings.

These accounts show that Chipman is a lifelong gun-control activist and that he does not let truth or facts get in the way when he is lobbying against gun rights.

David Chipman A Gun Control Activist

Not only does Chipman harbor strong anti-gun views, he has worked for two of the country’s largest and most active gun control organizations.

Up until the day President Biden nominated him to serve as director of the ATF, Chipman was the senior policy advisor for the Giffords gun control group — a position he held for five years.

Before joining the Giffords, he was a policy advisor for Everytown for Gun Safety. As a senior policy advisor, Chipman lobbied for gun control legislation and testified before Congress on behalf of his employers.

In 2019, he told the House Judiciary Committee that the American firearms market was “flooded” with foreign made ARs.