BREAKING: stops mandatory vaccination plan

Employees no longer required to get COVID-19 vaccinations has retracted its mandatory vaccination policy, according to an internal email.

“Based on continuing conversations and questions, the COVID-19 vaccine will NOT be required for employees of,” co-CEOs Greg Minkler and Brandon Thompson said in the email, which was sent to all employees.

“We are committed to keeping our employees safe as we plan to return to the office on Nov. 15,” the email states.

An exclusive story published Friday by my other website Armed American News, included a statement from a employee who was outraged by the company’s plans to require mandatory vaccinations.

The story was widely shared and republished on many social media platforms.

Contacted Saturday morning, the whistleblower was pleased that the company had changed its policy and would no longer require all employees to be vaccinated.

“Wow,” the whistleblower said.

Neither Thompson nor Minkler were willing to be interviewed1 for this story. 

"Thank you for the opportunity, but out of respect for employees we are discussing this change in policy internally," Thompson said in an email.

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